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But that’s just me

But that’s just me

The Page About Me

Places I’ve been:





New Orleans


Crater Lake


Door County, Wisconsin

Lake Ozark, Missouri

Champaign, Illinois

Indianapolis, Indiana

St. Louis, Missouri

Columbus, Ohio

A train trip from Chicago to Seattle and back (in the fall, when the leaves were changing!)

Virtual Travel:

The Eastern Mediterranean

The Aegean Sea




Some Unusual Experiences:

I saw a bunch of Dominican nuns line dancing.  I danced with them.  They were mostly from Peru, visiting their mother house in my hometown.

I walked all over Paris looking for a wheelchair to rent.  Medcial supply stores are not part of the usual tourist scene and my French is rudimentary so it was challenging.  I was able to use my Spanish to supplement it.

We had a trilingual conversation with a Parisian bookseller and her friend: Spanish, French, and English.

I talked Spanish to a Russian in London. 

I have a drawing pencil made from a recycled vending cup.  I showed it to my art teacher and he’d never seen one. 

I turned onto a country road and, between the green walls of cornfields on either side of the road, from edge to edge, the road and the ditches on either side were covered with yellow butterflies.  I drove very slowly, hoping they would get out of the way of my tires, through a yellow swirl, and in the rear-view mirror, there was another swirl of butterflies settling down again on the road. 

Hobbies and Interests

Learning things:  researching, studying, organizing


            The 15th century

            The Intertestamental Period; I read about it in a book, New Testament History, by F.F. Bruce that I bought at the library book sale. 

Languages, including English

            The history of the English language




Bonding and attachment


Showing off

Things I Love

I love museums, and I really love a good museum. 

The Museum of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago.  Elizabeth Peters is a graduate and I love her books. 

I love to read, and I really love certain writers.  And their work. 

            Hi, Donna!  Hi, Martha!  Hi, Lois!  

Little children, especially … well, I was going to name names but I won’t after all. 

Anne Geddes pictures, posters, and calendars. 

The Sleeping Beauties calendar featuring snoozing newborns; the January 2011 picture is priceless.

The internet!

My computer 

I love riding the train; when we went to Seattle, we had a sleeper.

Some Other Things I Do:

I have a column (really a series of columns) at SelectSmart.com under the name BamBamsGirl.  In it, I write about what was going on in the world in the 15th century. 

Here are some things that I think:

I think WordPress put in a lot more white space than I need on this page. 

I think “But that’s just me” would be a great title for an opinion blog.  You could say whatever you have to say, and close by saying, “but that’s just me.”  Probably somebody is already using that phrase as a closer. 

I think the battery-powered electric toothbrush is the greatest thing ever.  I haven’t needed a filling since I started using one.  (I just came back from the dentist so it’s on my mind.)  And those little floss sticks. 

Some Other Miscellaneous Things About Me:

I rarely go anywhere without a couple of books, some pens and paper, and some art supplies, but that’s just me. 

I have a magic purse.  It isn’t one of those that has whatever you need, that you reach into it and pull out a four-course dinner.  It has stars on it, though, and it looks cute, and it holds something to write with, something to write on, and something to write about. 

I wish I could sing beautifully and could perform solos at church.  (I really wish my husband didn’t hide in the garage when I start singing.) 

I don’t sing karaoke but if I did, I bet people would pay me to sit down and shut up.  Even on this virtual trip I’m not going to go to a karaoke bar and get up and sing because this is a reality-based fantasy. 

I wish I could get paid to travel and to study and learn things.  

My brother wishes he could get paid to be a hermit.  That obviously isn’t about me but I told him I’d put it out there for him.  You know, just in case.  And I owe him a big favor because he saved my sanity in March 2011, so I’m really grateful and if he wants to do wood lot maintenance on an enormous tree plantation somewhere, and I can help him do it, I want to.  

I know way more about some things than I ever wanted to know. 

About the Family: 

Since I’ve mentioned some of them on this page, and my sister Chris wants to be part of the virtual trip to Scotland, I decided I ought to post just a little about them.

So, there’s M, and there’s M, and there’s M… the initials of my husband and two brothers.  Okay, names, then. 

M is my husband.  I think he’s going to join us.  He has serious health problems and was forced to retire and he doesn’t like it. 

M, the brother who saved my sanity, is — let’s call him Red because his pirate name is Red Implacble Mullet.  He used to be younger than me, but I started lying about his age. 

The pirate name of our other brother is Pegleg Implacable Mullet, so call him Pegleg.  I don’t expect him to join us. 

Chris is my sister that wants to travel and instead has decided to be a responsible and loving daughter and take care of our mother, bless her heart.  Bless both their hearts. 

B is our other sister, the most generous and kindhearted person you can imagine.  Every kid should have an Aunt B.  My kid was lucky. 

My kid!  Call him R.  We adopted him when he was seven years old, and now he’s in his thirties.  He and his birth mother and his wife all have schizophrenia.  They see the world from a different perspective. 



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  1. “I wish I could get paid to travel and to study and learn things.”

    You and me both! Oh that would be lovely.

    Saw that we will both be at Havi’s place this June and came over to check out your site. I love this “but that’s just me” page, and now I can’t wait to meet you! I’m really digging your virtual travel escapades, I may start planning a few of my own!

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