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Arrival in Edinburgh!

It was wonderful!  The sun was out!  It was cool but not cold, dampish but not wet.  The fresh air felt so good after the stale recycled air on the plane.

When we landed, there was a wheelchair waiting for one of the guys.  Poor guy.  He looked pale and tired.  I hope he’s going to be alright on the rest of the trip.  We all followed the wheelchair through the maze – it’s actually pretty well sign-posted and not really a maze – but when you’re short and there’s a crowd, it’s hard to see the signs.  However, it was easy to keep an eye on my companions who were keeping an eye on the wheelchair pusher.

We had the usual thing of going through Customs and Immigration, which took a long time.  I was glad that my suitcase was rigid plastic because I sat on it.  Chris was very excited about being in Scotland and thrilled with everything.

We stopped at a restaurant in the airport, because Some of Us decided that we can’t do anymore traveling with Low Blood Sugar.  Chris and the Other Chris went off looking for deep fried Mars Bars while I sat here with a cold drink – probably the last time I’ll have ice in my drink!  I was so tired it was all I could do not to put my head down on the table.

Some of us took the local bus into town.  There’s an Airlink bus that costs more and has more room for luggage.  It also goes faster because it makes fewer stops.

We found our hotel — Chris and I are staying at a B&B.  We couldn’t check in yet, but we left our luggage and went out and walked around and looked at stuff and got oriented and acclimated.  Then we met the others at their hotel and went out for dinner.   We talked about going out, because there’s a lot to do in the evening in Edinburgh, but most of us voted for an early night.

The First Day’s Sight-Seeing

Our B&B is near Princes’ Street Gardens, so that is mostly what we looked at.  It is beautiful.

File:Princes Street Gardens.jpg

The amazing thing that looks like a Victorian gothic rocket ship is the Scott Monument.  It was built in memory of Sir Walter Scott, the writer.  There is a statue of him in the open space in the center.

File:Scott Monument 09.jpg

Below is a photo that can be seen on Flickr:

The Scott Monument Edinburgh

Also interesting was the Ross Fountain.  It can also be found on Flickr:

Ross Fountain - Princes Street Gardens - Edinburgh Scotland

There are mermaids!  There are four women representing science, arts, poetry and industry.  There’s a woman at the very top.  I don’t know what she represents but she looks cold.

Looming over everything is Edinburgh Castle!

That is the Ross Fountain in the foregoround.

There are statues in the Gardens, including David Livingstone.  That Livingstone.  So we said to the statue:  “Dr Livingstone, I presume?” and that made us laugh so hard that we kept saying , “I presume?”  The Ross Fountain, I presume?  Sir Walter, I presume?

Okay, it was silly.  We were pretty tired.

Especially cool, I think, is that there is a statue to Sir James Young Simpson, the obstetric pioneer.  It seems that he was the first to use anesthesia for childbirth.

Unexpectedly moving was the Scottish-American War Memorial, in honor of men who served in World War I.


Photo Credits:

The photos that are from Flickr were taken by John Gilchrist, a photographer in Edinburgh, and are used by permission.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos were found on Wikimedia and are licensed under Creative Commons.

Princes Street Gardens:  

Source: Jaakko Sakari Reinikainen (ulayiti)


Scott Monument:

Ad Meskens

The copyright holder of this file allows anyone to use it for any purpose, provided that a mention to “Foto Ad Meskens” be included.

Edinburgh Castle:  http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Edinburgh_Castle_From_Princes_Street_Garden_001.jpg

Scottish-American War Memorial

Attribution: Eileen Henderson


Comments on: "Going to Edinburgh: first day of trip" (1)

  1. Caroline said:

    Wow, great idea. Call my husband Guy; he sometimes uses a chair, especially when traveling. He likes the idea of being the “leader of the pack”.

    The man who pushed Guy’s chair in Chicago was a retired biochemist. He said he was doing this now so he could get out of the house. His wife had saved up a lifetime of chores for him for when he retired.

    Guy and I took the Airlink. There was a slight problem: his seat was a bit low for him and he had a hard time getting to his feet. In fact, a couple of people helped him up. We’re used to that, though, and he cheerfully thanked them for their help. Then we were on the pavement looking around for our hotel…

    Which was right there! We were too early to check in but we sat in the lobby and in no time at all Guy was snoring, sitting bolt upright. Guy claims that I was the one who was snoring.

    But they let us check in early and we went right to sleep. You’re not supposed to, thye say but I say, sleep when you can.

    (Well, this is going to be fun. Guy and I will have to “walk around” Princes Street Gardens soon. I love the pix. Can I post some too?)

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