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Taking off!

Today’s the day!  We begin our adventure this afternoon.  My sister and I will drive to Chicago today and take off at 6:00 pm.

I had planned to develop the itinerary more and post it but other things came up.  Actually, this is the way I usually travel:  I have a destination and a list of things to do but I wait until I’m there to decide what to do.

It’s 2:00 am and I’m packing.   I checked the weather in Edinburgh.  It’s cool and damp.  Just like here.  Sun is expected later in the week.  I’m debating about taking my coat versus my raincoat.  And my rubber boots.  Yes? No?  I’d wear them on the plane, no way I’d pack them, they’re bulky.

My husband offered me his very nice digital SLR camera with some incredible lenses, and I had to say no.  It weighs a lot.  Besides, everytime I’ve tried to use it, my pictures turn out a blur.  I just want to point and shoot.  My pocket camera takes pretty nice pictures.

My sister Chris has one too, and she takes pictures constantly.  I have demanded the right to screen the photos before she shows them to anyone else so I can delete or edit any that I hate.

I got a new suitcase.  Carry-on size, it has wheels and a handle, and is made of sturdy brightly colored plastic.  I can sit on it if I’m careful.  If I end up checking it, it will be easy to spot on the luggage carousel.

Looking forward!


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