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When and where?

I’m working on the itinerary.  I’ll have it up in a few days.  Here are some links I’m using.

Gazeteer for Scotland – interactive with maps and history and other info, very useful.


National Trust for Scotland:


Rampant Scotland:


A selection of over 160 places to visit in Scotland. Many of them are within a few hours drive of Edinburgh or Glasgow. All the selected locations have a description and at least one illustration – often a lot more than that!

When to Go:

I’m thinking early May would be good.

The royal wedding at the end of April means that there will be lots of people in the British Isles for the weeks before the wedding, and they will be all over, getting local color and history, before the big day.

By the beginning of June, the travel season will be in full swing, which means higher prices for airfare and hotels.  Yeah, I know this is Virtual Travel and therefore we don’t really have to worry about those things.  There’s always room at the Virtual Inn, so to speak.  Nevertheless, this is a reality–based fantasy and that means we are going to worry about prices.  And the weather.

There is always the weather to consider.  It’s likely  to be cold there in May.  On the other hand, the weather does sometimes surprise.  I’m looking into weather cams and that kind of thing.

Where to Go

I’m thinking about basing the trip in Edinburgh, or maybe part of the time in Edinburgh and part of the time in Glasgow, rather than spending only one or two nights in different hotels in different places.  That way we can unpack, and get familiar with the city, and feel a bit more connected with the place.

My sister Chris wants to go to the Edinburgh Festival in August.  I think it would be a pity to go in August and miss the Festival, but I also think it would be a pity to be in Scotland and not see the historic sights (or sites).

So what I propose is that we go early May and then do a return trip in August.


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