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In the Planning Stages

Just like “Real Life”, planning a virtual trip requires doing research.  For me, anyway.  Unless you go to the travel agency and say  “I want to go somewhere, tell me where”, and leave everything up to them, you do research.  

You look at the tours.  You look at airfare and accommodations.  And how to get from the airport to the hotel.  “Transfers” can be a big deal, a big problem, a big expense.  So you do research.  And what you want to do at your destination and, if you’re not with a tour group, how to get there.  

This weekend, I’m surrounding myself with travel books.  One book has a suggested itinerary that focuses on Castles and Whisky.  Chris and I are going “oooh!’  because it is mostly castles and we love castles.  

Then we read about Glasgow and Clydebuilt and the Tall Ship, and we’re going “oooh!” again.

Some photos of highland scenery, and we’re going “oooh!”  again.  Reading about the islands — the Orkneys, the Shetlands, the islands in the Firth and the Islands in the Clyde, and again, “oooh!”  Ancient remains, lots of history, beautiful scenery.  Oooh!

And realizing that we can’t do the borders and the highlands, the castles and the islands, the ancient history, the medieval history, the modern history.  We have to focus.  Just like in Real Life.  

If we’re going to do justice to the trip, we have to set limits. 

So, we’re working on the itinerary.   And, just like Real Life, it isn’t getting any easier to narrow things down.  Just like in Real Life, though, the planning stages are exciting.  

What you can do:  start reading  up on Scotland and let me know what you’d like to do.  If there is information on the web that would contribute to our trip, pass it along in the comments.  

Blog Note:  this is my first blog, and I’m still learning how to do things.  I plan to add a resource page,  an About page, links to relevant web sites, and so on.  


Comments on: "In the Planning Stages" (1)

  1. Eulalie said:

    I can’t wait to begin! I’m metaphorically checking the weather and packing my bags.

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